Zen (zendequervain) wrote in bad_service,

Dear server at Bennigan's,

I understand that you have other things to do than serve the three tables that are somehow your section when the rest of your section seems to be on the other side of the restaurant. I understand that you could lose track of time, and whatnot.

What I don't understand is the inability to do basic math? Perhaps there was a problem with your computer?

It was rude of us to forget to say that we wanted separate checks to begin with, but when I say that something should be divided by three, my understanding is that the checks will come back evenly divided three ways. It was interesting that the checks came back as 10.18, 10.33, and 15.65. If you had been trying to add the appetizer to the person who actually ordered it, well.. you failed, as I was the one who ordered it, yet I got the 10.33 check. My roommate who ordered the least amount of food ended up with the biggest check. Interesting.

Not only that, honey, but you vanished after that. Ten minutes later we were able to snag the hostess as she came to seat some other people and tell her that there was a problem with the checks, so could she please send you back?

After explaining what was wrong - please divide it evenly three ways - you went off to 'fix' the checks. But wait! We recieved three checks totalling 11-something(low), 11-something(low), and about $13. Again, the person who ordered the least amount had the highest check. Rather than wait again, and just ready to get out of there, I handed her a dollar, rounded my check up (which is more of a tip than the others left), and we left.

It was bad tipping on my part, and I did feel a little bad. But after having you vanish for nearly a half hour (the people in one of the other booths talked loudly about potentially walking out) and trying to wave madly at you across the restaurant, the math problem was extremely frustrating.

No, we didn't talk to the manager because we just wanted to get out of there. We should have, but my friends wanted to go asap.

Please try not to ignore people, okay? And while you're at it, work on your basic math.

No love,


EDIT: I realize that I came off more condescendingly than I meant. sorry about that, the caffeine hadn't quite kicked in, and I tend to get very verbose when annoyed at things.

Forgot some other annoyances: The 'endless' chips and salsa appetizer was never refilled after we asked for more, and the drinks were switched around. He said "diet pepsi" as he handed me a Dr. Pepper, and vice versa for our other friend, which was only a little silly, but added up to the overall annoyance.

I've never had a problem with getting a check split multiple ways in a restaurant before, so I didn't think it would be a problem.

RE-EDIT: To clarify about how the billing part worked: He brought us a single bill. We gave him three cards and asked for it to be split evenly amongst the three. He ran the cards and brought back slips showing the very uneven split, which we contested. He ran them again with the new, more but not quite even split, at which point we gave up and signed them.

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