Etched with marks but I can deal (finding_helena) wrote in bad_service,
Etched with marks but I can deal

Not exactly sucky, just kinda braindead

So my boyfriend and I stopped for McDonalds last night on the way home from work. We ordered (total came to something in the neighborhood of $8.50), and he asked if they took credit. The clerk said no, they didn't. So he asked me if I had any cash, since he doesn't carry cash. I had a ten, and I laid it on the counter. The clerk didn't take it for a minute, and then she picked it up and gave us a quizzical look and said "Out of this?" ... Why else would I put it down? I guess I should have handed it to her, but she seemed busy.

She then got us our drinks. We'd both ordered the same size and we'd both ordered brown drinks (one Coke, one Dr. Pepper). She put the drinks on our tray. My boyfriend asks which is which. She's like "Umm...." and has to think for a minute, and then says "I think this one is the Dr. Pepper" and presses in the little bubble-thing on the lid. Not clear on how she managed to forget which drink was which in the space of 2.5 seconds. (She was wrong too, but that's not really relevant.)

So it wasn't a big deal or anything, but it made me wonder.
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