Rhea (ashelia) wrote in bad_service,

The one with the bad eye exam experience

I recently went in for an eye exam at The Optical Shoppe, which happens to be inside a Fred Meyer's. I called them and scheduled an appointment for that day at 3:30PM. The woman who took my call seemed generally confused, disoriented, and awkward; several times she asked me for my insurance card and to repeat my name so she could write it down, to which I asked if she'd looked us up on the computer, and she actually asked, "What computer?" I've been going there for about seven years, so I know they have a computer with all customers indexed, their insurance cards scanned and on file, but whatever. I just gave her the information she wanted.

I got there at 3:20, purposely loafing around in Starbucks beforehand so I wouldn't have to wait. Walked in at 3:25, smiled, said my name. "We'll be with you in a minute," said the nice man behind the desk. There was no sign of the woman.

Thirty minutes later, I'm still waiting for my appointment. No big. I ask the man where the doctor is, and he says that he's in with a patient that was a little late. I'm not upset, I just smile, remind him that I'm the 3:30 appointment (in case the confused woman never told him) and he says he knows, smiles back. It's going okay.

The man comes out of the doctor's room, and as he does, another patient barges right in--literally shoving by me. I'm getting a little confused, I voice a slight "Huh?" and was told the patient needed to go in front of me because their eyes had recently been dilated or something. That's fine. A little peeved, it's now 4:15 or so, I'm wondering why they had me come in at 3:30 if it was so jam packed. Whatever--I need glasses and this was fifteen miles out of my way, I'm not coming back with the hour it took to get here by bus so I'll stay.

4:50PM: the woman patient who shoved by me comes out, a weird woman holding her hands. Soon I recognize she's Confused Woman who booked me for 3:30 by her broken English and totally dazed look--she's in her fifties, short, Asian. She looked stoned. I get up to go to the room, when a little kid runs by me. At this point I'm about to groan or storm out, but I manage to swallow, and just ask Confused Lady (since the nice man has disappeared) why that patient went ahead of me.

She stutters, stumbles, then tells me that they were scheduled for 4:30, and they were running late, so she didn't want to anger the kid. What the fuck. I've been here for over an hour, reaching toward two now, and you didn't want to anger the kid who waited ten minutes. I tell her that, and she doesn't even apologize. No, she pretends she didn't hear me. She starts humming to herself while eating chips behind the desk and IGNORES me. Like if she ignores me, I'll go away, or something. I talk to her and she keeps looking away, not even apologizing. It's getting bizarre and I'm tempted to walk out, but I feel at this point I've spent too much time waiting around to just leave.

Finally, around 5:30, Nice Guy comes back, I explain how I was booked for 3:30, he seems genuinely upset I haven't been seen. Then he asks the woman in a language I don't understand something, she shakes her head. He points to the computer--see I knew they had one--and she waves her arms in the air, says something angrily, and walks off. I am confused.

Yeah, so as he explains it, she didn't enter me in the computer. She doesn't believe in using them. And she's the manager of the place apparently. So yeah, I was forgotten about by him, and the doctor had received different patients' charts because I wasn't entered as coming in today. Instead she'd written it on a post-it.

Finally, by 6, about thirty minutes before they closed, I was seen. It was pretty miserable. Getting out, I had to deal with a $10 copay to the Confused Woman which took about fifteen minutes because again, she didn't get that I was a returning customer, had my insurance card in the database, and that I didn't need a receipt (which she had no idea how to fill out anyway).

How does that woman become the manager?

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