soozenw (soozenw) wrote in bad_service,

Menards suck

My husband and I went to Menards (midwest home improvement store, like HD and Lowes) today to purchase a hose and nozzle. We quickly did our shopping, and headed to a checkout. After putting our items on the counter for the cashier to ring up, another Menards employee walked up with another customer. Ignoring us completely, the 2nd employee tells the cashier to run the woman's credit, as she was applying for a store card. My husband and I look at each other like "WTF?" and I actually said "We were here first." Both employees ignored us. The cashier started running the woman's credit, still not looking at us, even though we were standing closer to her than the 2nd woman...

So, after glancing around, we headed over to an open register (of which there were many, and there was no need to cut us off). I said to my husband as we were walking over, "That girl needs to be fired," meaning the 2nd employee. The cashier we were now at looked up in surprise and said, "Which one?" We pointed her out (as she was standing at the front, holding a clipboard and staring off into space) and the cashier said, "Oh, that's our head cashier." (!!!) What?!

I have sent off an email to corporate, informing them of their bad service. Manards used to have such awesome customer service, but it really has gone down the tubes lately.
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