Karina Lynn (karinalynn) wrote in bad_service,
Karina Lynn

This post reminded me to post what happened to me at Lowe's the other night.

Friday night I got service at Lowe's that pretty much guarantees I will never shop there again. I went there with my roommate and the guy I'm seeing to buy a BBQ, a BBQ cover, a BBQ tool set thing, a push broom, gardening gloves and trash bags. We did some major yard work yesterday to get ready for a BBQ we're having today.

They have a sea of BBQs outside with not a single person out there. We find the one we want and go in to find someone. There was one person working in the Garden/BBQ department, on a Friday evening right before a holiday weekend that is known for BBQs and they were busy. My roommate went to customer service and was told that person was the ONLY PERSON IN THE STORE who could help us get the BBQ. So we all split up and did the rest of our shopping while we waited for that person to be available. The boy stayed by the BBQs in case the person became free again, I found the push broom and my roommate got the gloves and the trash bags.

We went back and waited for about another 15 minutes (total wait at this point - about 30 minutes.) I was getting really fed up went to customer service and asked them if there was anyone else they could page because we knew what we wanted, we just needed to get the box and pay for it and go. The girl rolled her eyes, cut me off and said "If you'd stop talking I could page someone." I asked to speak to her manager and she said he was busy and that if I wanted a BBQ I could wait for it. This is where I got really mad, asked her how they only had one person working the BBQ/Garden section on a holiday weekend and got her name. On our way to OSH to buy our BBQ ($10 cheaper and loaded into my roommate's truck for us) I called and asked to speak to the manager on duty. He asked us to come back and offered us a 10% discount, which to me is shit, especially when everything we bought at OSH was much cheaper.

When we had to go back for outdoor bamboo blinds for our yard and some plants yesterday, we went to Home Depot. Usually our first instinct is to go to Lowe's because Home Depot does usually blow, but they were great yesterday.
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