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I've only just found this place, so here's a few bad services I've ran across in the not so distant past.  Cut for length.

I happen to live not so terribly far from the Mall that Eats of America, and thus my roommate and I have occasionally headed up there for a meal, movie or even shopping on occasion (though it's more expensive there than elsewhere, imo).  Thus, we were rather surprised when we got carded while leaving the other night.  Now, my roommate and I are in our twenties (she in her mid and I in my late), so I suppose we could be mistaken for part of the random hordes of teeny-boppers that invade in the evenings.

However, we were not only carrying bags from some of the stores in the Mall, but we were also heading out towards my car.  The place had plenty of people who looked more like loiterers than shoppers wandering around, so why did you have to accost the two of us, who were quietly making our way out of the Mall, Ms. Mall Employee?  Surreal as it was to be carded at a freaking mall, we didn't throw a fit, though we both expressed our confusion as to why we had to show our ID to leave said Mall.  You didn't need to get all huffy at us and act like we were giving you a hard time.

I suppose I understand that you don't want random teenagers going around causing trouble, but does that mean you should stop legit customers from leaving the mall and give them a hard time?  And why were you acting so annoyed?  You're the one that stopped us.  Would you have rathered we threw a fit?  Because, believe me, I could have.  I really wanted to know what I was doing wrong by spending money in the mall and then trying to go home.
To Aeropostel (or however it's spelled) employees:   Ignoring your customers does not get you sales.  This was a witnessed bad service, but it was definitely bad service.  My roommate and I were in your store because she wanted to buy some shirts.  She tried multiple times to get your attention, but you were too busy chatting it up with your co-worker.  As a result?  You lost your sale.  She had originally planned to buy a few things from you, but instead, only one shirt was purchased, and we both came to the conclusion that shopping there was pointless.

I know it's your job.  Really, I understand that it's a pain in the neck.  However, don't get P.O.ed at me because I respond sharply just this side of being rude after you get in my path and interrupt the conversation I'm having with the person I'm walking with.  Interrupting people is rude.  I promise, if I want to take your survey, I will walk over to you and ask you about it, also you are free to ask me if I want to take your survey if I'm not talking to anyone.  I'm not very likely to extend courtesy to you if you don't have the decency to extend it to me.

Seriously, a lot of this stuff is common courtesy.  I learned this stuff as a child.  Why do so many people seem to assume that it's okay to disregard common courtesy in their day to day interactions.  And, no, I'm not going to leave a tip when the service is godawful, so if I find that the bill charged to my account is higher than the cost of the food/drinks/tax on my receipt, yes, I'm going to call and throw a fit.   I don't reward poor service, and I don't look kindly upon those who steal from me to try and get a reward when they don't put in the effort.  (It's a local place, and the manager was very upset it happened and tried to make things right, so I don't feel okay with putting the name in here.)
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