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Kiwi Maria

My dad told me of his woes with Palm this morning, and I thought it was appropriate for this forum.

My dad recently bought a PDA, so when the calibration stopped working, it was still under warranty. He returned it to the shop where he bought it, and they sent it on to their repair department, E. A double of days later, he got it back, with a note saying that E had corresponded with Palm, stating that the problem was “works after being hot sync’ed, but only for a short while.” Palm replied that he should reboot the PDA, and it would work again. Obviously, this didn’t work at all, so my dad returned it once again, this time making sure the clerk underlined that there was no problem with the hot sync, but with the calibration. A couple of days later, the PDA was returned to my dad with exactly the same information. Right, illiteracy apparently reigns. My dad returned to the store, and they suggested that he himself sent an email to Palm, explaining the problem. Dad did this, received a reply saying that the PDA had to be sent in for repair. With this in hand, he returned to the store, and they sent the PDA + email on to E who FINALLY sent it to Palm.

This was June 18th.

A MONTH later, my DAD (not E) receives an email from Palm saying that they needed some documentation (I forget which, but it was some papers they had already received), and if he could please fax it to them. My dad forwarded the email to E, and replied to Palm, asking them to send all future correspondence to E. E said that they had already supplied Palm with the documentation, but that they’d fax it again.

A couple of days later Palm again emails dad, saying that they were missing the description of the problem, if he could please forward it to them. My dad once again forwards the email to E, and replies to Palm, telling them not to send emails to him, but to E.

A couple of days later, my dad receives an email from Palm to his work account (have no idea where they got that address from) saying that they received the problem description, if he could please send his PDA to this address. My dad again forwards... etc.

Lather, rinse, repeat for about 5 times! Including phone calls to his home number as well (where do they GET that information from?!). The really weird thing is that a) Palm replies to emails sent from E, and for some reasons send them to my dad instead of E. One would think they just pressed ‘Reply’, right? b) Palm claims not to have received the PDA, yet if dad scrolled down through the email (with all the old ones attached), the very first one was a confirmation from Palm that they had received his Palm.

By this time my dad has a cow. He writes a 3.5 page letter to the store, complaining about the treatment he received. His warranty is with the store – whatever suppliers they choose to use (in this case, E and Palm) is their problem, not his.). This was Tuesday.

Wednesday my dad receives an email from Palm (*sigh*) saying that they have sent a PDA (not necessarily his, just ‘a’ PDA) to his home address (wherever they got that from). My dad forwarded the email to E, so they knew what was happening. The next day E calls him at work (but that’s okay – they have the number), saying that they have just received a PDA for him, as well as a small gift for all the trouble. They’d send it to the store, and Dad can pick it up after work today. Dad comes home, only to discover that a courier from the company Palm uses has been there, trying to deliver a package.

This morning dad received an email from Palm saying that they’d misplaced his PDA, but when they find it, they’ll repair it ASAP.

Right, so if all goes well today, my dad will receive on PDA from the store, ANOTHER one at home AND he may eventually get his old one back as well! Unfortunately my dad is honest enough to send the two extra ones back, otherwise I would really have liked one of them ;-)

The store hasn’t replied to his letter of complaint yet. Will be interesting to see if they do.

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