Don't cry for me. I'm already dead. (morbidfantasy25) wrote in bad_service,
Don't cry for me. I'm already dead.

Very annoyed worker alert

 Not so much...bad service but very irritating.

My mother and I went to Home Depot today. My mother had grabbed all her fliers for supermarkets but had forgotten to take the Home Depot one where there was a garden hose that included a nozzle on sale that she really wanted to get. So instead of going back for it she says she'll pick up a flier at the store. Fair enough. We go there, so she grabs the first flier she see's off the rack of fliers. Both of us not knowing their fliers come in both English and Spanish and she grabbed the one in Spanish. Innocent mistake right?

So, we're having a hard time finding the exact one on sale, since we want the right one to bring up as not to inconvenience the cashier and save time. A young worker was strolling by with a cart putting things back on shelves. She heads over to him, says nicely, "Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have this hose anywhere? We can't find it." He grabs the flier from her, rolls his eyes, sighs and scans it. Then looks at my mother with, for all my knowledge was a glare and says "Yo, I can't read fliers that are in Spanish." Trying to control his temper it seems and his voice was very ruff around the edge... Obviously he has had a bad day...My mother takes it from him and scans it says she's sorry she didn't realize it wasn't in English and she hurries to get a new one while the guy is waiting. He taps his foot, sighing and shaking his head. Looking at his watch when she wasn't even gone for two seconds. I try to tell him again we're sorry we're stopping him from doing other things. I tell him I know how it is since I work retail myself. (But I would never roll my eyes and sigh to a customer nor make it so apparent I'm annoyed with them for asking a question.) My mother comes back and he starts looking at the hoses. My mother then says we should look for hoses with nozzles since the one on sale has one included. He looks at her like she's a child and says "Ma'am...NO hoses come with nozzles." My mother then says "But that one does...look at the flier". He points to the racks "well do you see one with a nozzle? Because those don't look like they have nozzles to me!" Even though the flier says "60 foot hose with nozzle INCLUDED"! He then shoves the flier back to her and pushes his cart away saying he'll get someone else to help us he doesn't have time for this...No one came, we had to hunt someone down again. The man who helped us was nicer, he took us to an entirely different part of the store that had them on a special sales rack. I was embarrassed we couldn't find them by ourselves. (I've worked in retail for god knows how long and I always think I know the tricks) Thanked him and went on our way.

I guess I just wanted to vent because I don't think customers should be treated like they are bothersome when we are willing to spend money in your store. I know some people have off days but, eh...don't take it out on me.
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