no (unpacked) wrote in bad_service,

This is bad service from my own job (I work at Bruegger's, a bagel shop.) For my break today, I ordered a bagel with jalapeno cream cheese from a co-worker. I went down to pay for it, assuming that my order would be done right, you know? It's a two step process. He knew fully well that I was a vegetarian (as he'd taken the opportunity to make fun of me for it already.) I took about two bites of my bagel before I realized "oh shit, something is off" and realized that I'd been given bacon cream cheese :(

I felt pretty upset, but I figured that it had just been a mistake and I should try and let it go. When I clocked back in, I made sure to let him know that he needs to watch what he's doing carefully, as there are customers out there who might actually have bad allergies to certain foods, not just self-imposed dietary restrictions. His response? "Oh, I don't see how I could have done that!" No apology or anything. Classy.
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