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hmm...surprising DSL service.

i moved recently, and went through the process of killing/moving accounts a few weeks before i was in the new place so i could ensure that everything would be handled in enough time.

so...i called my internet provider on March 28 to get my service switched to my new home. the switch was to occur on April 18. they were to activate a second line at the house, as well as killing the phone...so i would only be paying for DSL service. this would have brought my bill down to about $55/month.

today we just had an opportunity to hook everything up and verify connectivity (i'd been using the existing internet connection at the house until now). turns out NOTHING was done so far. my bill hasn't yet changed, either - it should be slightly higher for last month to reflect the address change. instead, my bill is exactly the same.

this was the bad - obviously i should have checked it before now, but it should have been done a month ago.

of course i looked up their info to complain, but i discovered they discontinue phone support at 12pm on Saturdays. this doesn't do me much good (but i can see why they're cheaper than the other provider in this area - cut down support at off-peak times, pay less for call center coverage, etc). i shot off an email at 2:45 this afternoon detailing everything that should have happened (account numbers, work order number, and both addresses included...as well as all dates). shockingly, i got a response from a real person 10 minutes later, basically acknowledging the email and letting me know it's been forwarded to the right group.

i'm not sharing their company info yet...i hope this will turn into a good service. i'm just annoyed at the initial lapse in performing the job requested.

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