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Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. No excuses.


My roommate, my boyfriend and I decided to go through the Wendy's drive-through the other night. We'd just gone grocery shopping, but knew that by the time we got all the groceries upstairs and packed away we'd be too lazy/tired to cook something. The line was kind of long, about four cars ahead of us that we could see, but it's a busy location and it was midnight so the inside was closed. Around 5 minutes later, I finally got up to the menu to order and it was pretty simple: two Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers, no mayo or tomato on both, two large fries, one root beer Frosty Float and one Hi-C fruit punch Frosty Float. The girl gives me my total and I ask her to repeat my order to make sure "no mayo, no tomato" is included. She repeats it, everything's fine and she gives me the total again. At this point I should mention that the order has never shown up on the screen. No big deal, screens get broken sometimes and I did the math in my head anyway so I know the total is right.

I pull up to the next window to pay and the girl is gone. I'm a little annoyed because I just saw her in the window while I was ordering and the car ahead was now receiving its food so it wasn't like she left to go get a manager for a problem. I wait for about a minute until the girl comes back to the window, now holding a large drink cup containing a chocolate Frosty. Yup, this girl left her post to go get a Frosty. Whatever, I give her my card and she runs it through and gives it back. I ask for a receipt and she says it'll be on the bag.

So I drive up to the second window and the guy there shoves the Frosty Floats at me and closes the window. My boyfriend checks them and, of course, it's two root beer floats instead of one root beer and one fruit punch. When the guy opens up the window to give me the food, I tell him that one of the floats was supposed to have fruit punch not root beer. His response? The order said vanilla. That's nice, I did indeed ask for vanilla frosty but I'm talking about the drink part of it. He just stands there and stares at me for about 10 seconds, then yells something to a co-worker about fruit punch and closes the window again. A second later he then turns around, fills a cup up with fruit punch and opens the window to give it to me.


I ordered a fruit punch frosty float, I tell him. He tells me that there's fruit punch in the cup. I know, but I didn't order a drink, I ordered a float. He again tells me that the fruit punch is in the cup. I just stare at him and say, "I. Ordered. A. Fruit. Punch. Frosty. Float. Can you please make me a fruit punch Frosty Float?" He then gives me the most confused look I've ever seen and I just took the cup and drove off. My boyfriend's theory is that he just expected me to drink the root beer from the second float and then fill it with the fruit punch. I honestly wouldn't be surprised by this. You wanna know the kicker though? My boyfriend checked the food while we were driving away (he was too busy trying to calm me down before) and not only was there no receipt but the cheeseburgers had mayo and tomato on them. I sent a complaint through on the website last night and checked my account to make sure they didn't overcharge me.

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