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This is my first time posting in this community (normally I receive very good service), but what happened just now really annoyed me.

So I just got my braces tightened yesterday and my teeth are pretty much aching all the time, and I decided I wanted a Sonic slush since I can't really eat solid food. I drive to the Sonic nearest to my house and go through the drive-thru, ordering a large Lemon-Berry slush. This was around 3:30 pm, so I got it for half off at just under $1. I pull up behind two other cars already waiting in the drive-thru. They get their stuff and leave after around 2-3 minutes. I wait for around 5 minutes and out comes one of their workers. I initally think "Yay! My drink is here!", but then notice that she's carrying a regular-size drink. My window was down so she asks me: "Regular Cherry Limeade?" I say, "No." She walks on by to the next car waiting behind me in the drive-thru, hands the lady the Cherry limeade which was apparently her drink, and the lady pays and drives off. I'm thinking it's a little weird that the lady behind me got her drink before I did, but maybe a Cherry limeade takes less time to make than a slushie, I don't know. So another 5 minutes goes by and out comes the lady again (my window is still down at this point), but she doesn't even ask me if it's my drink, just walks quickly on by and hands the next car behind me their drink, and then they pay and drive off. By now I'm getting really annoyed, because in the time they made two other people's drinks, they certainly could have made mine - I've gotten this drink before and it's never taken more than 10 minutes, tops, for them to bring it out to me, even though Sonic can be pretty slow in my experience if you order a few food items with drinks. I wanted to say something at this point, but she walked by too fast and was in the door before I could. Another 5 minutes go by (15 minutes waiting at this point), and she walks out again with a meal in a bag and a drink, and I ask her as she goes by to serve the third car which was behind me: "Excuse me, where's my drink?" She gives me a blank stare. "This is the third person you've served behind me." She then says, with a slight attitude: "It's not my fault. Your drink is coming." She then keeps walking and serves the car behind me.

No, lady, actually I don't think my drink is "coming", because if it was I would have gotten it by now, just like the three cars waiting behind me in the drive-thru all got their stuff already. It looked like someone had forgotten my order, and I asked you, in a normal voice, where my drink was - I didn't accuse you of personally stealing it, I just wanted my drink so I could go home! You could have asked me what drink I had ordered, and how long I had been waiting - though why I would have expected you to ask me that when you obviously knew I had been waiting for a while since you walked by my car and served the people behind me three separate times, I don't know.

I decided I wasn't going to wait any longer for the drink that wasn't going to come and drove off to another Sonic a little further from my house. By this time it was almost 4 pm and I was going to be even more annoyed if I didn't get my drink half-off cuz I'd had to wait so long at the other Sonic, but luckily I still got the special and received my drink in about 5 minutes (including wait time with two cars ahead of me). I also called Sonic's guest service line and reported the bad service I'd received and gave them my name, address, and phone number, and while I'm not expecting anything free I'd at least like an apology. It wasn't a huge bad service or anything, but I was already in not the best of circumstances with aching teeth and just wanting a drink and to go home.
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