bridget0688 (bridget0688) wrote in bad_service,

I paid the overdraft fee!

February '08- I get a letter from my bank stating that I had overdrawn on my account. There is money taken from that account every month to pay for my flute rent to own deal. It's not an active account, as I have no job at this point. It irritates me that the bank waited about a month to let me know this, but I get that I signed up for the account, I deserve the $300 fee. I paid the thing and I thought that was that.

March '08- I get another letter stating that I'm still overdrawn. What! I called them, stating, hey I paid this! It was a large check c/o my parents and apparently it took a couple days for like half the check to go through. They apologized and the fee went away so I wasn't mad or anything.

April '08- I get yet another letter about my outstanding overdraft! I went there in person and the guy I talked to was mean to me, talking about how college students like me are always overdrawing on their accounts, that someone 'like me' probably spent all the money at McDonald's. (I'm kind of beefy.) I then told them that I wanted to close my account because of all the crazyness that has ensued in the past few months.

May '08- Guess what! My account was not closed and I still owed them money! I went to the bank again yesterday stating that I had opened a new checking account and that I promise that I closed this account last month. I'm still waiting to see what's going to happen.


EDIT- Update! I called the corporate number and complained about everything that had happened, from the multiple mistake overdraft fees to the teller being mean to me. The person I talked to was really nice and apologized a lot and said she was going to personally make sure my account gets closed. So for now the issue is resolved. hurrayyyy
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