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My boyfriend's computer crashed last week...

That's how everything started. It was a Monday. He waited until thursday to appropriate the funds to rebuild what he needed to. He ordered all he needed off Newegg Friday morning. Rush overnight shipment. His order got here today.

NOTE: Now all of these separately aren't really so bad. I think I'm so annoyed and worked up because they all happened with ONE shipment.

First gripe - Bank of America

Didn't email him until Tuesday afternoon asking if he would allow the transaction. A lot of money was transferred to his account and less than 12 hours later it was to be taken out. Odd behavior for his account. I understand this. 

What I don't understand was that the payment went through Saturday and it took them nearly two business days to suspend his account. There was much griping with them about that. Both him confirming it and me kindly talking with a supervisor about why it took so long to contact my boyfriend. With my bank I get a call within an hour if there is suspicious activity on the account. Heck I wouldn't mind if they called the next day.

Of course the money was pulled out twice and had a couple nice little overdraft charges that they argued with me for an hour about. But in the end they reversed the second charge and the overdraft fees removed. Not so big a deal. Annoyance, yes. But...

Second gripe - Newegg

Wednesday morning my boyfriend checks on the status of his order. Website says it hasn't been processed yet. He calls to find out why.

Apparently they won't ship to an address that is not your billing address. We had it set to ship to my parents' house because A- we both work full time jobs, B- we do not have a front porch (but we do have a backyard with a barely standing fence), and C- we live in Baltimore City. We trust most of our neighbors but not all.

I call BS on this being Visa policy as I have done the same thing with Amazon purchases in the past. But the biggest grumble in this is if he had not called we never would have known something was wrong with the shipping address. We could have waited weeks if he wasn't so antsy about getting his computer back on line. Thankfully he called. And it was set to be here today at 3 PM. Annoyed, but again not such a big deal. Then we come to today.

Third gripe - Fedex

Tracking says that delivery time is about 3 PM. Both of us will be at work then. So I call my sisters since they are out of school and not doing much. They are are at our house at 1:15. Called me when I was up on a ladder to confirm this.

And they waited. Played on both my office computer and my personal one. Watched TV. Pampered our cat. Still waiting. Until I got home so they could go off and get ready for a party. Come 6:30 my boyfriend is home and we still have not seen Fedex. He checks the tracking. It says the package was signed for at 10:31 AM. Yup. No one was home.

Calmly I go over to my neighbor's house and ask if she signed for it. She did not. And the only activity she remembered seeing all days was my sisters coming by. So now I'm worried and I call Fedex. By this point both my boyfriend and I have gone through so much crap for a second version of Windows XP, a hard drive, some 2 gig sticks of ram, and a shiny video card. I'm livid.

The girl suggests that I check the backyard. Sometimes they'll sign it themselves and drop it in an inconspicuous place. Thankfully it's there. But wow, did this girl and her supervisor get an earful about how irresponsible leaving an expensive package like that out in the open in downtown Baltimore can be. They were lucky. It's not so bad an area, but still not the best. 

I still can't believe that the driver signed for the package himself! And that the girl I talked with seemed to see nothing wrong with that. Her supervisor thankfully mentioned that they do not condone it. And that the drivers get written up for when they find out. But it greatly irks me that the driver signed for it.

So yeah not terrible service, but still not the greatest. Thankfully it is over and his computer is all hooked up and currently installing Windows. But damn, I do not want to go through that again. One of those problems I could have shrugged off. Not all of them.
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