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 A couple of years ago, I became of legal age to drive, so my parents signed me up for a Driver's Education class. This class was the usual x amount of hours in the classroom, and then x amount of hours on the actual road. I did my hours in the classroom and then, once I got my learner's permit, was all set to do my hours on the road. Of course, then I ended up with the a horrible instructor.

To begin with, he scheduled my first lesson at night... during a canadian winter... while it was snowing. That means that the roads were less than stellar to begin with, and the conditions weren't great for experienced drivers, much less someone who has never been behind the wheel. He even took me out on the actual road during my first lesson in those conditions. I tried to tell him that I didn't think I was ready for it, being that it was my first time and it was snowing, but he essentially told me that 'the best way to learn is to do it the real way'. Which is great, until I run into something because I didn't know what the hell I was doing, sheesh. 

He was notorious for ending our lessons ten to fifteen minutes early. I was kind of shy at the time, so I didn't question him the way I should have about it. He tried to teach me to paralell park by going to the practice zone and saying, "Okay, now back up. No, not yet... NOW. No, twist the wheel! THE OTHER WAY. STOP." and other unhelpful bits of information. 

The worst thing he did, however, was the day he was supposed to pick me up from school for a lesson. My school got out at 3:30, and he was supposed to be there at 3:40. He had told me he would be out front, by the chain fence - this is the only fence at our schools [it surrounds the football field] so really, the front of the school was only place he could be. I waited two hours for him to show up. There were other driver's ed cars there, and several times I walked over to them and inspected them to make sure it wasn't him. At one point, about twenty minutes in, I walked around to the back of the school - nope, not there either. I didn't want to leave because I thought I might miss him, and I had no money to take a cab home. I didn't have a cell phone, and I only had a couple of quarters on me, which I used on calling around in search of a ride home. My mother wasn't able to come get me until almost 6:30pm.

Come to find out, he claimed he was waiting at the back of school for half an hour. When I didn't show up, he says he left. Um.... WHAT? I don't think so. First of all, after twenty minutes I went and checked the back of the school. Secondly, the fence is in front of the school. Thirdly, the driver's ed cars ALWAYS wait near the fence at the front of the school - it's their designated area because it's the easiest to get out of. 

After that incident, I got a new driving instructor. I regret not filing an official complaint against him now.

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