Jennifer (whitewavex) wrote in bad_service,

more tales of waxing!!!

The sheer amount of bad waxing stories here frightens me. I haven't heard one like mine yet, so I have to share. This story takes place circa 1998, I was about 14. I had only gotten a wax a couple times before, nothing consistent. I was a newbie.

I was on vacation at my aunt's house in Laguna Beach, CA and we decided to go to a salon. She got her hair done and I was going to get a eyebrow/lip wax. The girl pulls me to a room way back in the salon, and the waxing starts.

She spends at least 30 minutes on the first eyebrow, waxing and plucking a few at a time, which hurts like crazy, and asks me when she FINALLY finishes, "How do you want the other one to look?"

They should match????!!!??!?!?

Needless to say my wax took over an hour and didn't even turn out that great. The whole thing hurt like hell. My usual wax now takes about ten minutes on average. I wish I had known better back then to stand up a little for myself to this absolutely crazy lady!!

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