Elle Emme (natsukaze) wrote in bad_service,
Elle Emme

Suck it, T-Mobile.

I'm temping at a construction office. Boss's cell phone bill is overdue. Paid boss's cell phone bill via check over the phone last week. Got a disconnect notice yesterday. Called T-Mobile earlier this morning, asked about the payment I made last week, they said they didn't have any record of it and to call the bank. Called the bank, check didn't appear in their records. Called T-Mobile back and they said that it wasn't processed, and he went to research it. Came back and said that because there were two past returned checks, the checking account is now blocked.

me: the most brilliant office temp in the world
TM: T-Mobile "customer care" rep
me: "great, you were going to let the disconnection of that phone let us know that the account was blocked?"
TM: "well, we sent you a text message...but now I notice that text messages are blocked on your account."
me: "greaaaaaaaat. And why, exactly, did you accept the check over the phone information if the checking account is blocked?"
TM: "..."
me: "..."
TM: "....well, would you like to pay by debit card?"
me: "You mean the debit card that's attached to the blocked account?"
TM: "...yes..."
me: "And how, pray tell, is said debit card accepted if the account is blocked?"
TM: "..."
me: "..."
TM: "Yes, I can accept debit cards."
me: "...fine. *gives number*"
TM: "*gives confirmation number*"
TM: "In the future, ma'am, please note that we do have an autopay program from your checking account, and we also accept Western Union."
me: "You'll accept autopay from a blocked account?"
TM: "..."
me: "And I'm not about to pay $20 to Western Union money to you unless I get a $20 credit on the account."
TM: "..."
me: "Have a *lovely* day. *slam*"

Morons. Maybe if they weren't wasting all their money on paying Catherine Zeta-Jones to do their ads, maybe they'd be able to train their customer service people better.
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