Jantra (jantra) wrote in bad_service,

More Eyebrow Problems...

All these recent eyebrow posts reminds me of my own eyebrow suck.

I shave my eyebrows sometimes. Yes, it sounds very weird, but I cosplay (meaning I wear costumes) and the particular character I cosplay does not have eyebrows. After many failed attempts at covering them with makeup, I started to shave them.

Well, when they are growing back in... its a terrible beast. They are very, very thin for the first month, and of course, start to get out of control. Even when they ARE full grown in, I have a strange missing bald-spot on my one eyebrow due to my mom accidentally clocking me with a hot curling iron when I was a kid.

So, after about a month, I decide to wrangle these puppies back into shape. I go to the salon I had used previously, but got someone I hadn't gotten before. I very carefully explained the following (obviously not in these short statements but nicely. XD):

1) I have a bald spot. I pointed it out to her, seen even though my eyebrows were thin.
2) Note that the eyebrows are thin because the hair is growing back in. Please DO NOT make the eyebrows skinny. They need to be shaped, but still wide.
3) I end up with very red skin from waxing, so please use aloe or cream afterwards since I have to go back to work.

She smiled and seemed to get it. I laid back comfortably and confident I would no longer look like a yeti had settled onto my brow.

I get it all done, and look in the mirror.

WTF. My eyebrows were almost GONE. They were so damn skinny that, because they were thin, they were just... gone. And it didn't even look like she remotely attempted to make them the same 'shape'. One was arcing in a weird way and the other was normal.

I just about cried on the spot. It takes longer for a waxing to grow back in then just when I shave it. I looked at her and said, perhaps a bit sharply, "Excuse me, miss, but did you listen to me when I was speaking before you did this? I said that I really didn't want my eyebrows skinny..."

"Oh but it looks so good on you!" The girl said, and walked off. I hadn't even gotten the aloe on my face.

I just stood there, stunned. I paid the $8.00 but refused to tip the $2.00 I normally do. It took about 2 months or more for the eyebrows to be grown back in. ; ;
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