♥ Christina ♥ (denialfeelsgood) wrote in bad_service,
♥ Christina ♥

Dear Apple,
Let me tell you about my week of iPod troubles, I bought an 80GB Classic from a retailer on Monday May 12, 2008 from day one It kept locking up, and I never even got to use it. I returned it to the store and got a refund because they had none to exchange it with, so I decided to drive the 40 minutes to the Apple store to get a new one, this was on Weds May 14th 2008. I successfully bought another at the apple store and brought it home, everything was fine for a few days until the click wheel stopped working so today I made the long drive back to the apple store and had an exchange done, as soon as I got home and connected the new ipod to my computer, it was making loud knocking noises, so once again I drove back (2nd time today, 3rd exchange this week) and got another replacement. I am thoroughly unhappy with my experience with your product, and was originally thinking of buying another Apple product this summer, but will be thinking again because of my recent horrible experience with your product. You should really better check your products before they are shipped to stores.

No Love,
Wont Buy your product again
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