Nicole DeVendra (nicoled0485) wrote in bad_service,
Nicole DeVendra

Yet another bad wax story

This happened last month or so, but I just remembered it because of all the other wax horror stories (as if it isn't a horrific enough process already)

My roommate and I went to a very small salon to get our eyebrows waxed.  There was only one person working, as per usual.  When we got there, she was giving another customer an elaborate up-do for a dance.  We live really close so we offered to come back later, but she told us it would be about fifteen minutes if we wanted to wait.  We didn't mind, and so we sat down and started chatting.  Twenty minutes or so go by, and she is only halfway through the girl's hair so she offers to come and do our eyebrows quickly while the girl waited.  The girl getting her hair done didn't mind, but looked a little confused.

As soon as my roommate sat down, the stylist's phone rang.  She saw it was an insurance agent she had been trying to reach for awhile, and answered it.  We understood, important calls happen.  That it until she started doing my roomie's eyebrows all while talking on the phone.  Then she motioned for me to sit down, and did mine, also while talking through all the details of her insurance claim.  It is kind of unnerving to have someone dripping hot wax on your face while their mind is clearly elsewhere.  I would have definitely asked to wait until she was off the phone if it wasn't for the poor person getting the up do, who ended up having to wait twenty minutes or so in the middle of her 'do as it was.  We paid and left, all while the stylist was still chatting away.  Lame!

Edit: for clarity

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