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Regina (my daughter) had an appointment on March 26th at 10:30 am. I had to call them (Green Cab) back at 9:20 because I had missed their call previously because the phone was left upstairs. When I called back, I couldn't even tell that the lady had answered the phone with "Green Cab", it sounded like "blahblah" and then she decided to continue a conversation with her coworker for about 2 minutes, one of the words that came out of her mouth was "bullshit"....I'm on the phone, and she hasen't even put the phone to her ear, and she's holding a ghetto convo with a friend with the phone off the hook! THEN the lady said for me to call up the driver to see when he'd be coming to pick us up. I hung up afterwards and he called me a minute or so later, telling me he'd show up at 10:30. Read above. When was the appointment? Oh, 10:30! So I hung up on him immediately and called up Green Cab again......The lady was COMPLAINING about me to the driver for about five minutes before she put the phone to her ear "She ain't even answering the phone!" was one of the things she said. I kept saying "ma'am?" about 7 times before she answered me, and when she finally responded, I asked for her supervisor. She immediately tried interrupting me with some BS about when the driver was going to be there. Nuh uh, lady, you are not off the hook and changing the subject with ME. I repeated "Let me speak to your supervisor.". She said she WAS the supervisor! I asked, "Are you serious?" and she said yes. I immediately responded, recollecting the conversations she was holding in previous calls and how unprofessional and rude she was. I immediately closed the call and called up Logisticare to voice a complaint. Had to leave a message, but anywho...The real kicker is THIS:

The driver called me back 10 minutes later, SERIOUSLY asking me if I still wanted a ride. WHAT? Hell no. I asked him who his supervisor was, and he paused. He responded with "We don't have a supervisor...but we have a DISPATCHER!". what.the.fuck. Should I take him seriously or are they trying to avoid getting the boot? If I insist to talk to the supervisor, aren't they obligated to hand the phone off to their supervisor? Or do people avoid this stuff regularly?


Today Red Cross Wheels was supposed to be here to take Regina and I to her 6 month checkup....The pickup time was scheduled for 12:55. I called at 12:55 asking what was up and why they weren't there yet.....they told me before I stated that I *knew* the pickup time was 12:55, that they were supposed to be here at I said whatever and got off the phone with him....
I waited and waited and at around 1:20 I called up her doctor's office and resheculed the appointment...I knew they were going to be super late and figured hey, if they aren't going to call me ahead of time to let me know they're going to be late..I'm going to let this guy show up without calling him to tell him he had wasted HIS time, just as he had wasted MINE. He shows up at 1:45 (her appointment was at 1:40) and I asked him if he knew that he was almost an hour late...He snaps at me, claiming that the only thing he HAS to do is get us there safely. I started laughing and asked him if he was serious and if he was really going to stand there, 50 minutes late to a pickup appointment, and refuse responsibility for being LATE. He starts getting smart and raising his voice at me and I break the news to him that I had to reschedule....He turns around and walks apology, nothing.
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