SKingList (skinglist) wrote in bad_service,

if it weren't for my addiction to lemonade coolatas, I'd never set foot in Dunkin' Donuts again.

Went for gas yesterday and to celebrate it being at the lowest level $1.79/gallon in months, I decided to have a coolata. This is not my normal DD, I usually go to the one in Suffern. They know me there. Staff is already snarky from the previous woman who was obsessing over the number of carbs in a low carb bagel. Here's a tip lady, it's a bagel, it has carbs. Please STFU and go somewhere else.

Anyway, now my turn:
CL: Coolata Lady
CLC: Coolata Lady's Coworker

Me: Lemonade coolata and a salsa bagel please.
CL: Strawberry?
Me: No, lemon. [Points to display]. Lemonade Coolata.
CL: Yes, lemon. Ok. OK.
CLC: Anything else?
Me: Salsa Bagel
CLC: Anything on it?
Me: No, just plain
CLC: Butter, creamcheese?
Me: Plain.
[CL brings over coolata, it's pink/red]
Me: That was supposed to be lemon.
CL: Strawberry?
Me: Le-mon! [Points to sign again]
CL: Lemon. Ok. OK.
CLC: You know, she'll get in trouble for that.
Me: [I feel bad, but she FUBARed it after I confirmed what I wanted. I despise strawberry so I was not going to just take it]. Well I'm sorry but I asked for lemon.
CLC: America speaks too quickly. We don't understand. $4.75
CL comes back and slams it down in front of me.

Meh, I hate idiots.
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