Sachiko-tan (malik_chan) wrote in bad_service,

Wal-Mart greeter lady: do your damn job!

So I'm sick, not really relevant to my story, but a factor in my annoyance towards the Wal-Mart greeter, who, yesterday, after I passed her on my way out with my bag full of tissue boxes, holding it on the side she could see it on, yells at me to see my bag when I'm almost out the door! Maybe if you hadn't been chatting up your damn co-worker while on the clock, you'd have seen it! I don't care if you're bored as a greeter, you're there to say hi to people who enter and to make sure nobody it stealing anything or whatever, not talk to your co-worker who was in the middle of his job as well! Also, all I had in my possession was my purse, slung over my shoulder, and the full Wal-Mart bag, so you had no reason to ask to see my bag, especially since the alarm hadn't even gone off!
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