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Why do your job when you can be a dick and chat away all day?

Normally, I don't mind my city's transportation system. And really, the only time I've ever been annoyed by them was when I got a driver who seemed more preoccupied with yelling at passengers for stupid reasons than to do his own job (seriously, he threatened to kick a mother and her toddler out because the kid was talking and wriggling around in his seat, and completely missed people's stops, included mine, which made me late for work). But other than that, it has been all right. Until last night, when I got the biggest douchebag ever.

On Saturday/Sunday/Holidays the buses run on a different schedule, and the amount of trips made is cut in half, so you have to wait twice as long for the bus. Not only that, but it usually comes twenty minutes later than it's scheduled. Understandable, since it's probably a lot more busy, especially when there's a huge even going on (in this case, it was the Pride festival/parade). So, I get off of work about ten minutes after eight, and wait another half hour for a bus to come. Said bus is empty, except for a guy standing up front behind the yellow line. I, as well as the one other person at the bus stop, assume this man is about to get off and once the bus comes to a complete stop, we move to one side so we're not standing in front of the bus door and we can let him go through.

This was not the case, though. He was apparently talking to the driver (which happens all the time and is annoying to no end, as these people block the aisle and you have to squeeze around them). And within thirty seconds of stopping, he closes the door. Both me and the other person at the stop are pounding on the door, waving our hands, and screaming to get his attention before he pulls away, but he ignores us to talk with this guy (seriously, when the door was opened I could see and hear them talking, and they were still engaged in conversation).

I was pissed, especially when a trip that usually takes twenty minutes even on busy days took two hours. It was irritating enough to have me file a complaint against the driver of that particular bus. I usually hate being the bed guy, but I'm pretty sure it's against bus rules to have someone blocking the path, with the bus driver being too engaged in conversation to do his job properly. The fact that I see this sort of thing a lot is also reason enough to complain about it.
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