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So I went to my salon yesterday:

I had a haircut and style, as well as waxing on my eyebrows and upper lip.  

As usual, my stylist did a great job.  I got a dynamite cut and my face looked great (not even red!)  I also got some hair products.  

I go to pay for my items.  The girls at the front counter were far too busy gossiping to bother to ring me up.  I said "excuse me" a couple times.  They gave me dirty looks and carried on their conversation.  After five minutes, one of them finally had the presence of mind to ring me up.   

The total was far lower than usual.  They had forgotten to ring up my waxing services.  Since they made me wait so long and were so rude, I didn't call them on their mistake.  Oops!  Pay attention next time.  

And of course, I tipped my stylist generously for all three services. 

For the record, the salon is located in a major department store, so they won't miss the extra $20.  

Edit: So...thanks everyone for your feedback, I really appreciate it.  I was being a bitch, and I went back and paid the extra $20 today.  And I feel a hell of a lot better about it.  And hopefully those employees will get told off. 
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