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I was at Castaldi's a very nice resturant inside an upscale mall in Norfolk, VA. I work at Dillard's, which is down the hall and occupies all 3 floors. I called over for a TO-GO meal at 11:53am. I noted the time cause I have certain times I can take my lunch ect. I ordered a half portion of spaghetti with chicken and was told 10 minutes. I arrived at the resturant about 5 after Noon. I asked the Host for my order and he told me it would 5 more minutes. I went and bought a pair of earrings. When I came back the Host was seating someone but I met his eye and let him know I WAS BACK. So I stood lamely in the front. No one offered me a place to wait for my order, which was taking so long I was getting pissed. No one offered to seat me at the bar or anywhere else. People KEPT lining up behind me, and *I* had to tell them I was waiting on a TO-GO Order, and they went ahead of me.

Finally 12:30 rolls by and the Host says my food is ready. I was charged for a FULL plate of spaghetti and $2 for a drink. The drink was TINY, I mean like Small McDonalds TINY. I didn't say anything just decided to pay my bill. The Host held my food out and told me a total. I can't very well whip the Visa out when I have to hold it! I set the lunch on the bag stand and handed him my Visa. While he was running it another person came up, MOVED/TOUCHED my food to get a bag by handing it to me! I put it back down. Then signed the slip on top the styrofoam box. I handed it to the guy. No tip, screw them. It's To Go and it was freaking late! He does a very obvious double-take on the ticket and looks at me. I smiled and walked out, food in hand.

When I got my food I saw I indeed had a FULL Spaghetti plate. This is a pain in the ass. I can't eat the full plate, and I don't have access to a fridge so I can't save my food, thus the half protion ordered. All in all it really pissed me off and I am not going back there. They also have this trade mark bread they bring out, before even your drink order is taken. I didn't get mine. I wrote a letter about what happened along with a customer comment card. I'll mail it off tomorrow. GRR!

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