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Doubletree O'Hare in Chicago

Should you ever be in the Chicago area, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you avoid the Doubletree O'Hare. While a lovely property, my recent experience has soured my liking for both the location and the chain.

Upon check-in this afternoon, I provided a credit card number (required) but informed the agent (Katie) that I would be paying by cheque at the end of my stay. The agent confirmed that this was okay, and that she would not run the credit card - it would merely be on file in case I did something stupid like set fire to the room. I even called ahead a few days ago to make sure that this would be okay; I'm a bit weird in that I prefer a paper trail for larger transactions, and this one was going to be almost $400.

Imagine my shock, then, when I found a $386.01 charge on my card about half an hour ago, from the Doubletree. I immediately protested the charge to the agent on duty at the front desk, Elizabeth, and found her attitude quite rude and unsympathetic. I now have to come in at 07.00 this morning to speak with the manager and have them call my bank to (hopefully) reverse the charges - and with luck, remove any overdraft fees that may go along with this whole mess.

While having my money returned to me is of course the prime objective, I feel it necessary to make a point to the hotel that I am NOT satisfied with this sort of treatment. I don't necessarily feel entitled to anything (though some gesture of apology would make me more inclined to stay at a Doubletree or family hotel in the future), but this sort of egregious oversight/mistake is not acceptable. Does anyone have any advice for how I can deal with this bad_service without turning it into a customers_suck?

(Oh, and in case I hadn't said it before... Avoid the Doubletree O'Hare in Chicago. The staff are slow and poorly trained, and when they make mistakes of epic proportions, they are surly and quite unhelpful.)
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