joeyjojoe (joeyjojoe) wrote in bad_service,

The other night I was cooking dinner, so I sent my boyfriend to the supermarket. He was taking a long time, so I figured he had met a friend down there..

He gets home and I ask what took so long, he tells me that he had waited in a 15 item or less lane at the supermarket for 15-20 minutes while other people went through, one including a lady with a trolley loaded with food (15 items or less...?!) and then finally got to the counter and the girl behind the counter says "Sorry, I'm closed". He was the LAST person there!

Him: "I've been waiting in the line"
Her: *sighs dramatically* "If I don't close now I'll never get out of here.
Him: "I understand that you want to go home, but I'm only one person and I hardly have anything & I waited in the line!
Her: "Sorry I'm closed"
Him: "In my experience, when you're at work, you finish the job you have to do, before you're finished work."

She just walks away after closing her register, ignores him and he has to go to the other lane and wait again. Finally gets through.

The worst part of all this is. He had ONE onion and a bottle of ice cream topping. TWO items! The time it spent them discussing that she wanted to go home, she could have put them through, while whinging that she wanted to go home!
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