Erin (fallenangel262) wrote in bad_service,

I just remembered this gem.  I don't think I ever left a store more pissed.

I went to the bullseye store, my favorite, to pick up a few things with my roommate.  Now, it was my turn to buy toilet paper.  We typically by the 20/24 pack, so I purposely chose the cheapest one.  It was 11-something.  We finish our shopping and check out.  The toilet paper rang up 13-something and I asked if the cashier could check the flyer. She does, and it's not there.  No big deal, I pay.  After we're done, my roommate waited for me while I went back to check the price.  Sure enough, the item that I bought had a tag for 11-something.  I was SURE to check that the tag was the same exact item I had; I know and understand that sometimes things aren't stocked where they should be.

Now, there was no sale sign, no sale tag.  It was a regular price tag.  If there was a sale sign, I would have taken it with me to the customer service desk so that I could show them.  My intention was so that they wouldn't have to go look once I got there - save time.  Since this was a regular tag, it was part of a long strip that spans the whole rack.  I'm not about to pull the ten-foot long price list out to show the customer service rep.

So I go up to Cust Service and tell her my problem.  I told her that I couldn't grab the price sticker since it was attached to the shelf.  The following ensues:

Her: It's not in the flyer, so it's not on sale.
Me: I understand it's not on sale, but the price tag is a regular tag, and it says 11-something, not 13-something.
Her: Well it's not on sale, so it's this price. 
Me: I know it's not on sale, but the REGULAR price is 11-something.  That's what the shelf says.
Her: Bring it to me. 
Me: What?
Her: Bring me the tag.  That's the only way I can change the price.

Now, I'm pissed.  She's not listening to me at all and she's being all uppity in her tone.  I explained to her how I would have brought the tag if there was one to bring.  But I didn't feel like it was my responsibility to BRING any tag to her.  I was trying to be helpful.  I explained to her that it seems like it's simply a pricing mistake (perhaps the prices were changed and the computer missed this one.)  She insists that I "go get the tag" for her.  Now, I could have gone and taken down the big long tag and ruin the shelf, but that's not necessary.  I would have been being a jerk.  I asked for a manager, who just gave me my money back, without even checking. 

Even though it worked out in the end, I wished that they would have checked the tag, admitted the mistake or showed me that I was wrong if that was the case.  Neither of them paid enough mind to the TP I had, so I know that it was unlikely that they checked the price later.  I just was completely dumbfounded.  I've never heard of a customer being demanded to prove that the price is what it is.  The whole situation really just irked me.
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