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because I just LOVE being forced to take samples (/end sarcasm)

i don't know about everyone else's malls, but the ones around here, ALL the Asian food places in the food courts have their employees stand in front of the "restaurant" with a tray of samples (usually a meat), and they hold the little cup, with the food in it, up in the air, and every time someone passes by, they jump out, yell at you, and shove the sample in your face.
now, in the mall i always go to (not just because i work there, although atm im on maternity leave, but because there are stores there that are not at any of the surrounding malls), in order to get to the bathrooms, a person must go through the food court, and no matter which side you walk on, you CANNOT avoid having those samples shoved at you.

diagram of the food court:
red = Asian "restaurant" (currently 3, and a 4th is coming soon *rolls eyes*)
red X = Asian person shoving samples in peoples faces
blue = other foods (subway,wendys,arbys,pizza place...)
green = bathroom
black lines = crowded tables (almost no room to walk through them to the other side)
pink/purple = shopping area


I have tried so many tricks to give them hints that I don't want the samples, including saying "no". these people don't take no for an answer. they'll scream at you "but only 2.99 for 2 meat 2 side". I try walking as close to the tables as possible and look in another direction as i pass by, and they will run out the 5 feet to try to give me a sample. Now, if i wanted their food or samples, I would go there. Sometimes they will block you from moving forward until you either take a cup or push through them.
today they were more agressive than usual, possibly due to no customers in the mall. I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant, in my time there today I had to use the ladies room twice, and my fiance walked me to the restrooms. all 4 times I walked by, the same people jumped at me. HELLO, im ignoring you, and there's no customers around so it's not hard to remember my face, my big belly, or my flaming red hair! not to mention, I work in the mall, so they know me. I don't get mall asian food, but i've had to go purchase it many many times for the other girls i work with. They know who i am, and one even knows what I order when I say im ordering for a certain boss of mine. I have even told them that i won't eat their food.
Today made me flip out, and I e-mailed a complaint:

First, I would like to state I have nothing against Asians,or any other race, at all. I, along with so many other people, are getting sick and tired of being harassed in the food court by all 3 Asian restaurants. When I walk by, I will turn my head in the other direction to give them a hint that I do not want their samples shoved in my face. They NEVER get the hint, and today was even worse. My fiance and I were walking by so that I could use the bathrooms, we made sure to walk as close to the tables as possible and look away in hopes they would get the hint. One guy handing out samples actually walked up to us, in our way so that we could not pass through, and shoved a sample cup in my fiance's face. If my fiance had not took a step back, the cup would have actually touched his face. I understand they have the right to pass out samples, but all day long every single day, all they do is try to shove samples at us. If they want to stand there with a sample tray, thats fine, but if people want a sample, they will go up to them and ask for one. They shouldn't be allowed to ask every person who walks by. There is no way to avoid them. There are 2 on one side of the food court, and 1 on the other side. If I want to walk through, I have no choice but to be harassed. I used to go to the mall ALL the time, now I fear going just for the sole reason of having samples shoved in my face. I am asking you to make them stop trying to force samples on people. If I don't get a reply, or If something is not done soon, I will keep complaining to anyone and everyone until it ends. If they shove it in my fiance's face again like they did today, or mine, they WILL have a law suit.

next time my fiance won't step back, he'll let the guy hit him in the face with the cup and he'll call the cops.

EDIT**: obviously most of you cannot read.
1. i've tried various methods of avoiding them. telling me that im making excuses not to take the advice, is lack of sense on your part seeing how as i've stated a few times that I'm already doing what you people suggest. I was using these suggestions WELL before you people ever suggested anything (hence the post states that i've tried MANY things to avoid them). not to mention, i NEVER asked for advice, im just merely posting my B_S story. if i wanted advice, i would have asked, but if you had read the post, you would see that IM ALREADY taking steps to get it to stop by emailing the leasing dept.
2. i work and shop in the mall...not going there ISNT an option. READ! even if i didn't work there, i have every right to shop without being hassled.
3. no, im not making it out to be more than it is. this post was because this time THEY WERE MORE AGGRESSIVE. if they were this aggressive every time, i'd post about them every time or i wouldn't bother posting at all. common sense, especially since i mention in the post that i was saying something because they were more aggressive. there was hardly any shoppers in the mall, therefore they weren't getting much business, and they think that to get more customers is to shove samples at them. if mcdonalds or taco bell was that pushy, i wouldn't walk near them either. when subway had samples one day, the girl stood there with a tray, she didn't shove samples at people.
4. and yes, i DID sign papers saying i'd be on good behavior when im at the mall and off of the clock. we don't wear uniforms, but (as my manager explained it to me, even though i already knew why) if a person recognizes me as an employee, and i blow up at the sample guy/girl or yell or attract unneeded attention, then that customer will come in our store and not want me to service them, and therefore i could possibly lose commission, or the store can lose a sale completely. (an employee has already been written up for acting up in a different store when off the clock,over trying to return item). it doesn't matter who is in the right or wrong, my store has a policy, i go by it.
5. where do some of you read that my fiance is going to assault the guy next time? hence, why i say READ. my fiance didn't want to be touched, whether it be by a person, a cup, or a piece of meat. you're a liar if you say that you wouldn't be peeved if someone touched you when you don't want to be touched. thankfully he wasn't touched because he stepped back! but NEXT time it happens, he won't step back... which means he would be assaulted by the sample guy/girl and he can call the cops on them.
6. they have every right to hand out samples, its the way they do it that is B_S. the people at the lotion/nail/hair/selling weird stuff at little carts all along the mall, they remember me telling them no. i can walk by 10 times and they won't ask me a 2nd time. the asian food sample people will hassle me EVERY time i pass. atleast the people selling stuff on carts ASK, the sample people just shove it at you.
7. giving me advice,especially since i didnt ask and ive already done most of it, IS telling me to just deal with it. because ALL the advice given DO NOT STOP them from shoving it at me. if i already done it, and they're still doing it, obviously its not working. your "advice" is giving me WAYS to DEAL with it. im looking for ways to be able walk through without having to get hassles in the FIRST PLACE.

as of now, im done trying to get through to people who can't read. few people have had nice things to say, and i thank you. everyone else, take a chill pill. if you can't be nice, hence community rule #7, then don't comment at all. seriously.
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