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Fairmont Hot Springs

This wasn't terribly bad, though it definitely made us both go wtf.

My best friend/ex (it's complicated) only comes into town once or twice a year, as he lives on the other side of the province. We decided that we were both in need of some relaxation and pampering, so we booked a night at the Fairmont Hot Springs resort, which is only about an hour and a half away from where I live. I've been there several times prior with stellar service, so I had no concerns whatsoever.

When we arrived, everything was fine. There wasn't an In-Dining menu in the room, as is standard, so we went to the front desk to fetch one. We decided that we would have a quick dip in the springs, eat dinner in the dining room, then go back to our room for a little wink-wink-nudge-nudge, a movie, and snacks.

The trouble started when we waited until past 9 to fetch food. Unfortunately, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, closes at 9 in this little resort town. Not even a gas station was open. Most of the in-dining menu choices were no longer available, but there was Pizza Hut! That's right, this fancy resort serves Pizza Hut pizza, and while it wasn't our first choice, it was certainly better than wandering about the lodge like idiots in search of nourishment.

We placed our order (large pepperoni with a side caesar salad) at 9:30 PM. The menu stated that the Pizza Hut/restaurant closed at 10:00, and they quoted us a time of twenty minutes.

10:05 rolls by and we were getting a little hungry and impatient, so my friend made a quick call down to the Pizza Hut. No answer, just a recording saying the phone was busy. He tries several more times until 10:10 or so, and then, frustrated, calls the front desk to see if they have any idea what's up. They say they'll call back in a few minutes. We wait, and they do. Apparently the cook had walked out. o_O Oi. Well, that sucks. We ask if we're still getting our pizza. They say yes, and if it's not there within 10 minutes, we'll have it discounted. We thank them for their time, and a few moments later, HUZZAH! Fresh delicious pizza had arrived! (though they failed to provide my friend with a fork for his caesar salad and he ate it with his fingers) The pizza was very good, I will admit.

We weren't annoyed that the pizza was late; it wasn't their fault that the cook walked out. But it would have been nice for someone to call and let us know our dinner was delayed, and we would have appreciated the meal to be discounted right off the bat.

Check-out time next morning. We both take a look at the bill, expecting it to be slightly steep (we also had breakfast in bed, and I accidentally ordered a movie the night prior which we never did watch), but the bill was much steeper than we'd even thought. Upon closer inspection, we realized they had charged us twice for our pizza last night.

We calmly explain the mix up. The girl at the desk looked new (she was nervous and bewildered-looking) and she tried to get the attention of the other older clerk, who merely sniffed, "We can't do reversals on room service".

Um... but it's wrong.

The older clerk was then suddenly tied up with two other customers, so my friend and I waited in the lobby for her to finish. Time clicks past, and the younger girl tries to reverse the charge on her own, can't, until another young girl appears from nowhere (I think maybe they hide them in compartments behind the counter) and tries. Yay! Charges reversed! And they were kind enough to also reverse the movie charge, which was purely my fault.

So in the end, the service was a little annoying but nothing big. Fairmont could do well to give their younger, newer employees a bit more training though, as the entire time we were there, anyone looking under the age of 25 seemed almost mouse-like in nervousness.
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