Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in bad_service,

Siete. Sept. Sieben. Sette.

I understand that many businesses require their employees to "upsell". I understand that many businesses require their employees to be very enthusiastic with upselling. I understand that many employees' bonuses depend upon their upselling.

However, during a five-minute shopping trip in a very small Helzberg diamonds with only two employees, both of whom have heard the entirety of the other's conversation with me, I should not be asked the same question seven fucking times. Four of those times were more or less in a row, as well.

When I say I don't want your $30 warranty, I don't mind at all. When the other employee asks me if I want the $30 warranty, I don't mind too much. When it gets to the point where you sound like you're grovelling, and then you start in with the "Okay, this is your last chance", it's not cute or excusable anymore. It's just obnoxious. I came in, knew exactly what I wanted, had one employee open the case to get it for me, then took it immediately up front to check out. It actually started to feel like some really uncomfortable date-rape prelude after the second time. "Oh but please" "Oh but you should" "Oh why don't you just" "But it's such a pretty thing" "It would be such a shame if" "I really think you'd like it better that way"

On the seventh time, I was so completely baffled that I looked him right in the eye and just said, "Wow" and blinked. He shut up after that.
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