Boy on the street (adaptedmind) wrote in bad_service,
Boy on the street

mostly just a question

I just ordered online from Papa John's, the pizza arrived quickly enough [right in the middle of the 30-40 minute window] and was correct. However only one of my dipping sauces/parm/red pepper that I'd ordered/paid for arrived. I was missing five of them. It's not a lot of money [$2.50] but two fiddy is two fiddy, righ'?

I call up the store and tell them, and after some hemming and hawing [I think the background may have been loud on his end, or something of the sort] he realized what I was saying, but reluctantly [understandably so] offers to send someone. I told him, no, of course not can I just get it refunded. I don't want them sending someone to my place for frickin' pizza toppings, you know? I would feel silly, and feel bad that the driver would have to do such banal crap for me. :C Also I'd want to tip him, and I used the last of my small cash to tip the driver from before.

The important part is: he says they don't do credit card refunds. I've worked retail a good bit, and I've honestly never seen a machine that couldn't refund money to a card. Does anybody here work at at Papa John's, or else just knows if this is the case? I pointed out the whole retail/never seen that before thing [I was trying to not be snappy, though he only seemed to understand my words when I spoke very crisply so I may have come across as snappish, hopefully not.] and he offered to hand me over to a manager at which point my cellphone had some sort of spaztic fail and I lost the call. I felt too silly to call back AGAIN so I just left it at that.

Anyway yeah, not even bad service per se but was that kid ignorant/putting me on or does Papa John's not actually offer/do credit card refunds?
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