blacktigr (blacktigr) wrote in bad_service,

WTF Dockers and Casual Male?

Most of the guys in my life have always been Big `n Tall guys. I just like to hug tall people, I guess. Runs in the family. So I shop at the Casual Male a lot--so much so that they give me coupons in the mail. So imagine my surprise when I try to shop their website and find out that they no longer carry my husband's size in Dockers. Now, my guy is a person who will wear Dockers as opposed to jeans on a weekend, because he thinks they're more comfortable.

Now that the situation's set up, I'll give you the WTF I ran into today. I went to the CM website to buy pants, and his size wasn't a possible choice on the dropdown. Puzzled, I emailed the customer service for the site, and they told me that they did not know why that size was not available, and that I should just call to place an order. So I call the 800 number for the company and they tell me that they cannot take my order for that item, and they gave me a number for the local store.

I call the local store and they assure me that the size is in the catalog, in that style, and that she can order it for pickup in my local store...except that when she tries, she cannot order anything of that size in any color. Now, by this point, I'm a little tired of getting told that I can have the item I want--nope, I can't--it doesn't exist anymore. I want someone to tell me why something I've bought 8 of in the past year is no longer available. Of course, it's not the store clerk's fault, so I sigh exasperatedly, thank her for her help and hang up.

In disbelief of everything so far, I check the Dockers website. The size isn't available there, either. And while the waist size is fine, apparently one isn't allowed to be 34 inches in the inseam anymore (if one wants classic style flat front pants). This has been the problem throughout--they will give you 30 or 32 inches in the inseam, but not 34. I call the customer service line, and they tell me...guess what? The 34 inseam pants aren't available, but she'll give me a number where they can track down discontinued items.

Mind you, I'm on my 4th `phone call of the day after being thwarted on two websites. I'm kinda livid at this point. No one has told me anything more than "I can't do anything for you". I passive-aggressively tell the girl on the line that I will be switching brands, but *thank you* for your "help".

Pants of my husband's size do not exist. Anywhere. Tomorrow, I'm just gonna take the pants he *has* to a tailor and have them fixed, because it will give him 6 pairs of pants that fit. After that, I'm never buying Dockers again.
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