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Why you should Never Ever Shop Rooms to Go.

OK, I ordered the furniture back in January, from the store. The first set arrived broken, with nonfunctioning recliners, then it took 2 technicians to determine it couldn't be fixed, two deliveries of the wrong parts, then 3 delivery attempts of mismatched pieces. They still have not made right on it, today the pieces were replaced AGAIN and they still don't match, and I am demanding a refund, and I had to threaten legal action to get it authorized to give me a refund! When it clearly states in the contract that I can have a refund, and the original contract was never honored: I never received the correct pieces in operable condition. Not once.

Today I had to take off work to wait for them, get the manager on the phone while the delivery man was shouting "IT DOES NOT MATCH" in the background so the manager could hear it, the one person who advocated for me this entire process. I even offered to take a picture and email it to him immediately: there was a height difference, color and texture of the leather difference, it was so OBVIOUS. The manager actually said (while he is looking at his computer) that he didn't have an email address I could send it to. I MEAN, ARE YOU HONESTLY TELLING ME YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS? What a bunch of outright liars! The manager said I could be glad to reselect the furniture, which meant getting anything else I wanted in the store up to the cost of the original furniture. I told him this was unacceptable, as they no longer offered what I purchased, and they have no alternative that is acceptable, and that I was done doing business with them. I wanted my money withdrawn from their store so I could shop at their competitors. I was shuffled, and my partner was shuffled to multiple customer service representatives at their Crappy Customer Service Line, and they would pass the buck back to the store, who would pass it back to the 1-800 number. Their "supervisor" basically told me that yes, it was at her discretion to choose not to give me a refund, and that was what she was choosing to do, even though I explained my situation calmly and throughly. Outright choosing not to give me my money back, even though I've been patient 5 months and have done everything right, and it STILL isn't right!

Finally after talking again with the store manager for about the 4th time today and threatening to sue them for breach of contract, lost days of work, and maybe a little more, I told him "Randy, I'm not going to stop. I am not going to back down. I am in the right, and you know it. You've already lost my money, plus probably a ridiculous amount on the delivering of the mismatched items multiple times. I would implore you to not stand to lose even more. I am in the right and I will win the case. MAKE NO MISTAKE, I WILL DO THIS."

Within an hour, my refund was authorized, in 10 days this crappy furniture will be gone, and the week after that the check will be in my damn hand. And if its not, heads will ROLL. Right now I'd rather do just about anything other than do business with creeps like that ever again. Do not get caught in their web of bullshit, trust me it isn't worth your time or cash.

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