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If I complain about this on LJ, will I feel better? Sheesh.
Ok, so I have three letters for you. D. M. V.

Obviously, you would expect bad service from them. They invented it. But my day today was really the icing on the cake.
(btw, I maybe didn't tell the story so succinctly... The numbers go from A00-A99. Then start over with B00-B99. etc.)

I show up around 9:30 am. I take a number. Number C 3. They're currently on 75. (they stop at 99, then start again at 00. But I have no idea what letter they're on because there's no sign for the letters, only the numbers.)

So I wait. And wait. And wait.
And eventually "3" is called. I walk up there, and just as I get to the desk another dude shows up at the same counter. He's all "I'm next. What letter are you?"

So this guy says that he's letter B. I'm letter C. The guy behind the counter, THE DMV EMPLOYEE, says that they're serving B now, not C's. (it's now about 10:05)
My instincts told me something was fishy and that both these men aren't being straight up, but I didn't know what to do.
(and HE'S the one who should be getting all the attitude I was later getting. HE was the one who left for a long time then waltzed back in to just take whatever spot he wanted. But it didn't help that the DMV employee helped him accomplish this feat.)

Luckily, the DMV is in a mall, so I wander up a couple of stores and buy some new earrings to kill the MORE WAITING I have to do.

I go back after about 20 minutes. I see they're now on 88. Cool. I sit and wait.

Number 3 is again called, and as I walk up there, ANOTHER person is walking up there AGAIN. This time a woman. (and now I'm dealing with a woman DMV employee too.)

SO GET THIS. She informs me that they're on f*cking letter D now. There is NOOOO way that I missed it, I seriously was only gone for 20 minutes. (and I had to wait for about 100 people to be called.)

And here's where my instinct was right. They first employee, the guy, was wrong. I knew it. I don't know how this all worked out with everyone else, but he was so sure that they were on B, and now C. When they actually were on the C's, and now are on the D's.
And the woman behind the desk is positive that *I'M* now trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.
And the first DMV employee guy that I dealt with does say this, but she's still thinking that I had just left for a long time, and missed the C's altogether. No. I did NOT. I was refused service the last time the #3 was called. But now she's glaring at me and being a real snotty be-otch.

I just knew this was going to happen. I just knew that the first guy was in the wrong, and that he ultimately screwed me over.

Luckily (? Ha.) after a little bit of arguing the lady DMV worker took my number, the other lady, the other #3, headed back to sit down all pissed off as if this is all MY fault...
Then I had to do this lady's job for her. She didn't even take my emissions test sticker until I reminded her. And now I'm worried that because she was so pissed off at me, and not doing her job properly, that it will mess me up for next year's license plate renewal. She didn't make sure I had insurance, which I do.
Then I said "Thank you. And thanks for helping me despite this mess."
*silence and cold stare*

Excuuuuse me for being nice. If your f*cking co-worker hadn't messed up, none of us would have this problem.

I keep trying to tell myself... ok. You now have your license plate tags... mission accomplished.
But I am. So. Very. Pissed. Off. >:(

crossposted to bad_service, co_springs, and my own journal. I'm just so very angry, and I just wanna complain a lot right now.
PS, I typed this out fast during my anger, and I hope it makes sense. I did just edit it to hopefully make a little more sense. Eh. Ok.
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