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Dear annoying cab dispatcher,

I know that you lied to me. I waited for 90 minutes, in the same spot directly outside the front door, looking for your cab. No cab stopped. I was there the entire time. I don't know if your driver was lying to you or not, but nobody stopped.

After about 40 minutes, when I called back, you tried to start a fight with me, but I kept my cool and asked nicely to send another cab. You knew the address. I told it to you several times. When the cab finally arrived, it was because there was another person being picked up close to my location. This driver wasn't even the same person that was supposed to be on their way to pick me up in the first place. Then you lied to the driver while talking to him on the radio. This is not the first time that such a thing has happened. This is why I avoid using your services whenever humanly possible too.

If your company had any competition in this town, I would have called them instead.

No Love,
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