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Esoteric store story: My bad?

This happened a couple months ago, I live on a street that's a few blocks from a neighborhood esoteric, store. I was fascinated by this store so I decided to peruse and explore

Now I will admit I am pretty social phobic and aloof around people. I can be seen as odd by most, so I don't know if I actually was being a bad customer and I deserved this. But this kinda what happened

I was in the store it was kinda crowded I was wondering various areas, I had my sketch book with me, now, understand I carry my sketch book everywhere, it's how I catch inspiration, it also fills my hands and I always have to have something in my hands. Normally a pencil or my mini-sketch book

I got to the store for a few days and one day I came back looking at some stuff reading one of the used books looking at druidry kits when the owner beckoned, me to the backroom and I was really freaked out. She started berating me in the back, telling me I was bothering her customers (I wasn't) that I was soliciting portraits (I wasn't) because I had my sketchbook. and I was "causing trouble" I was already gloomy today and that set off a panic attack when she yelled me, I tried to explain that I wasn't doing anything and I always have sketchbook with me. However it came out a choked out sobbing stuttering mess of words. She was nice enough to let me calm down, however I left right away. And I didn't come back for about three months.

Even now I'm only there for about five minutes to get incense and I got my tarot there. But I don't talk to the owners or browse the books anymore.

Now, I don't know if I was doing something wrong or not. I seriously don't know why I was yelled at all. I know was, That store lady didn't like me and thus yelled at me.

Was this my bad?
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