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3, How I loathe you...

Argh. I've just gotten off the phone with my mobile phone provider [ETA: 3, for those who asked] (it was time for my monthly call and get my bill fixed conversation), and they still haven't fixed a problem that began in January. Needless to say, I am not impressed, and I'll be sending the following letter off to the managing director:

I am writing in regards to my account I hold with your company (account number ##########), and the ongoing problems I have had regarding my monthly billing.

On January 18, 2008, I cancelled my monthly subscription to the Explorer Starter Pack that I had on my mobile. I was led to believe that I would continue to have access to this until the end of my billing cycle, on January 25, at which point it would then be cancelled and I would not be charged anymore.

However, as at May 14, this pack is still appearing on my monthly bill, despite being told by numerous customer service representatives that it has in fact been cancelled and they are unsure as to why I am still being billed. As a result, I have had to make monthly calls to ensure that I am not being charged more than I should be.

On February 22 I rang, and was informed that a $5 credit would be placed on my account for the billing cycle ending February 25, which they did. However, when I rang the next month, for the billing cycle ending March 25 (before the cycle ended), I was informed that it was not possible to apply a credit until the bill was generated, which contradicts what I was told for the previous month.

During this call, I was also informed that an investigation into my account had been started, and that I would hear back within five business days. After waiting longer than this period without any contact, I again rang back. This call took place after my bill had been generated (March 25), but before my account was debited, and the customer service representative applied a credit so that the amount debited was the $49 owing.

However, during this call I was also informed that there had been no resolution to my investigation, and I was not the only customer suffering from this problem. When I asked why I had not been contacted with this information, I was informed that I “was not the only customer”, implying they were too busy to contact me, and that the problem would be fixed soon. I was also informed that it was “my responsibility to check my bill for problems”, rather than the company’s responsibility to prevent these problems in the first place.

I rang again on May 14 in regards to the bill ending April 25, which was to be debited on May 16 – again with the additional charge. I was informed that a credit had been applied to my account on May 9, but was not informed of this. I was also informed that the investigation was still ongoing, and that it would be my responsibility to call back in 48 hours to find out the results of the back-end investigation.

Although my billing cycle for this month has not ended yet, I have been watching my account through the My3 portal, and it is apparent that this problem is still ongoing, and that I will have the same problem in two weeks time when my next bill is generated. This problem has been occurring for over three months, and I find it hard to believe that a large telecommunications company cannot locate what I have been informed is a simple “technical” error within this time period.

I find this service provided towards customers unacceptable, particularly as I have been promised a resolution numerous times and your staff have failed to deliver. Furthermore, I have not been offered any compensation for the continued inconvenience beyond the credits to my account to ensure I am only paying what should be owed.

I will be cancelling my direct debit and paying manually until this issue is resolved, and as this issue has been ongoing for several months now, will be contacting the telecommunications ombudsman with a formal complaint if it is not resolved, or a satisfactory solution has been given within 7 days.

I am aware that it's only a small amount, but it's more the principle, and the fact that they're apparently incapable of truly cancelling a pack, 4 months on. I'm also not liking the way that they're saying it's my responsibility to call and fix the bill, when it shouldn't be happening in the first place (and apparently they put a notice on my account so a credit is applied before my bill is sent). I have spoken to supervisors, but they just rattle the same policy bullshit off to me.

Cancelling isn't really an option as I'm on a 24 month contract and I'm not even halfway through it.

At this point, I'm becoming rather frustrated. This letter's getting sent by registered post just as soon as I get the name of the managing director.
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