Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Mild deli suck

I was at the Woolworths deli counter today, to order some diced bacon. I had number 35, and they were only up to 29, so I was just standing and watching the staff serving the other customers. There were only 2 people on, so things were going kind of slowly, but they got up to 34, which was a guy standing near me. The guy serving him looked like he couldn't care less, I noticed that straight away. The customer ordered 500g of something, I don't know what, but the guy plonked 430g of it on the scales and asked if it was ok. The customer said it was, and then ordered a kilo of bacon. The guy (while sniffing and snorting like he had a cold) started working on the bacon. He put it on the scales, and it was only 700 or so grams. He then chucked a few more pieces in, dropping two pieces on various other meats as he did so, and it came to 830g. He looked at the customer and asked if it was ok, and the customer said yes. and moved away.

Realising he was going to serve me next, as the other staff member was still busy, I leaned over to my husband and whispered "I'm going to make sure he gives me what I ask for." Because hey, if it's up to 50g under or over for something like a kilo, who cares? But being too lazy to make sure it's even near the mark is not cool. So, I order 100g of diced bacon. The guy meanders over to the diced things, and stares for a moment. "This one?" he says, pointing to the only diced bacon on the shelf. "Yep" I replied. He grabbed a handful, chucked it on the scales, and it flashed 144g, but before I could say anything, he whisked it into the paper and chucked it on the counter, before turning to talk to his co-worker. I tried to look to see what his name was, because if I could find a comment form I was going to say something, but he talked to her for ages whilst standing sideways, so I couldn't see it without looking obvious.

Mild, I know, but it's annoying, especially as the other people I've encountered there have been ridiculously cheerful, chatty and accurate.
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