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I wanted some Thai food today.

I went to my usual Thai place, because  most of the people there know me and the food is outstanding.   


I went in there and told the lady who was working that I wanted to place a to-go order and that I was ready to place it.  She seemed to be working the place by herself, but not all that busy.  She shoved a menu into my hands and motioned to me to sit down.  There were only two tables in the whole place who had customers at them.  She let me sit for half an hour and ignored  my repeated polite attempts to get her attention.  

Twenty minutes into this half hour, a group of workmen came in to pick up a to-go order they had placed half an hour previously.  ONLY THEN did she start cooking their food!   I was on a bit of a time schedule, so that didn't really jive with me.  

And the final straw was this: 

She was cooking the food, taking money, cleaning tables, and waiting tables ALL WITH THE SAME PAIR OF LATEX GLOVES ON. 

I've taken Microbiology and work in health care.  That's as bad as not washing your hands, and is also a great way to get an infection.  I tried to get her attention to give her her menu back, but she ignored me again.  So I placed the menu where I had been sitting and went somewhere else.  

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