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The prior eyebrow post made me remember this.

I was having family photos taken and decided to have my eyebrows shaped. I made a last minute appointment at the place I always went.

When I arrive I was taken immediately. I sit in the chair and the process begins. It doesn't feel right, but I figure everything is Okay. It hurt more than usual but I just figure my pain threshold was lighter then normal given my hectic day.

When the woman finished she hands me a mirror and I see blood under my eyebrow. I am in shock. I go up to pay and am in tears. The manager who was working the register has me pay, and I leave after giving the woman a small tip. To this day I do not know why I tipped her. I call my husband and tell him that my eyebrows are horrible. They are uneven and I am bleeding. He says go back and talk to the manager.

I go back and speak with the manager and tell him I paid because I did not want to cause a fuss, but my eyebrows are crooked and I am bleeding. He looks at me and says I noticed that. I say I want them fixed, but do not want the first woman to touch me. He gets all snippy and says it was the woman's first time doing a wax alone . Eventually he allows a second person to fix the first persons mistake. As the woman is fixing my eyebrows the first woman looks at me, sighs and rolls her eyes at the woman fixing the problem. I leave and haven't been back.

Guess it isn't a horrible suck, but had I know it was the woman's first time I would have stopped the waxing as soon as it didn't feel right.
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