Nightshade (jwrebholz) wrote in bad_service,

Inconsistencies abound...

Ok. There's a bar/pool hall that I go to every Tuesday out here called Slate Street. Damn good food, lots of tables, real fun place to hang out and shoot pool. However, there are a few waitresses there that seem to prefer flirting with the male clientele than doing their job. They aren't all like this--Tracy is a good waitress, she's prompt, accurate and knows us so well we practically don't have to even tell her what we want anymore. Then there's Lilyanna (I think that's how her name is spelled) and another waitress whose name I can't remember (all I remember is that she's very short, has dark hair in a ponytail and has a nasally voice). Those two would rather flirt than work, and seem to get very upset when we interrupt their boy-chasing to get drinks or food for us.

We've already complained to the manager about this, and he says he'll do something about it, but I dunno how much he can do, short of firing these girls.

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