Becs (aikiariyen) wrote in bad_service,

Gym cancelled membership without authorisation. According to them my Mum cancelled my membership. I'm 23 years old, my mother does not have Power of Attorney, she had no letter of authorisation, nor did they have any form of confirmation from me that it was being cancelled. Add to that the fact that my mother never cancelled my membership - she did cancel hers though. Their policy states that cancellations will receive written notification when direct debit payments cease. I've not received that, either.
To top this off, I went to the gym tonight where an employee who has been less-than-polite in the past attempted to refuse me entry, was unable to provide documentation they claimed to have stating that my mother had cancelled my membership as it is apparently at 'head office', nor did she obtain a manager when asked to (no reason given, just no attempt made). I informed them at this point that my mother had no authorisation to cancel my membership as I had not given her a letter of authorisation, nor had I given them verbal or any form of written consent to cancel my membership. The employee then asked, in a tone implying she thought I was lying, how old I am when she still had a hold of my license. I know I look younger than I am, but younger than 18? I think not.

[Edit}: For those who didn't clue in, I am Australian, and I use Australian spelling. So I appreciate that my spelling is not the same as American spelling, but there is no need to be a smartarse about it because that's how we spell it on this side of the world (generally the use of 'Mum' instead of 'Mom' is a good indicator.)
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