tomecko (tomecko) wrote in bad_service,

Oh, the fabulous letter format.

Dear Local Domino's Pizza Place:
I know it wasn't on purpose and you really couldn't have known, but please make sure that the only ingredients that end up on the pizza are the ones that are supposed to be there. If I hadn't noticed that piece of pineapple on the slice I was about to eat, it could have been very bad. Anaphylactic shock =/= fun times.

Yes, I know it's a weird thing to be allergic to. But just like bee stings and peanuts, it tends to be one of those allergies that makes you die. You'll notice the pizza I ordered wasn't Hawaiian? If you had a peanut allergy and ordered a turkey club sandwich, you'd expect not to find any peanut butter on it, right? I would appreciate the same courtesy, plz.

Now I know it was probably an honest mistake... it was just the one piece, it probably got stuck to an employee's glove and slipped off while making my order. But please to be being careful! Weird allergies DO exist, and now you've made me so paranoid about what's ending up on my pizza that I'll likely never order from you again. So either teach your delivery boys how to administer emergency tracheotomies, or watch. Those. Toppings.

Glad to be breathing,
your former customer
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