Don't cry for me. I'm already dead. (morbidfantasy25) wrote in bad_service,
Don't cry for me. I'm already dead.

Was I being bitchy?

I'm not sure if this is bad service or me being a customer suck. I need help in deciding. Keep in mind I was fed up by this point when it happened so I'm not sure if I was speaking out of anger or what.

Anyway it went like this.

I normally go to this eyebrow place that is about a five minute bus drive from my house. Really my only days off to go out and do stuff are on Mondays (today). So when I need my eyebrows waxed every two weeks I make the trip down there by bus (I don't have my own car). Today it was POURING outside. And I mean pouring. Not even my umbrella held up. But I knew if I didn't get it done I wouldn't get it done for another three weeks since I am booked up with appointments.And seeing as I have to deal with people all day long, I want my eyebrows perfect. Now a background on me is I freak out about my eyebrows. Yes I am one of 'those' women. They have to be perfect. If they start growing back I have to rush to the eyebrow place on my day off to get them done. So I wait for the bus in the pouring rain. And when I get there it is WELL into the middle of the day. There was no reason their wax machine thingy shouldn't have been on and running and I don't know...melting wax? If I had come early in the morning I would expect to wait but not in the middle of the day. So I get there, I am the the first since everyone is pretty much at work right about now and what few people there are, are just getting their nails done. She makes me lay down on the table. She preps my eyebrows by putting baby powder on them, etc. THEN she turns around to get the wax and see's the machine is not plugged in. So the wax is...not melted I guess? She curses under her breath, then runs out of the room to get her manager who comes over and swears. Then says in front of me, to her co-worker, like I'm not there, You'll just have to tell the customer to come back tomorrow.

Keep in mind I CANT come back tomorrow. I can only come back next week. I inform them this, then they tell me, it's either come back tomorrow or wait for an hour. I can't wait for an hour I have errands to run. And by the I'm done they will be closed. She tells me she can't help me. I ask her why they didn't prepare for this first thing in the morning. She tells me someone was lazy. That's it. No, I'm sorry, no nothing. Either come back tomorrow or wait. So I say I can wait, if I push back what I have to do, but if I wait for an hour and it is an inconvenience to me, it should be free. She tells me no. There is no way they can do that. So I am thoroughly pissed off by now and tell her nicely that It should be free if they are making me wait so long . Again she says she can't help me. Still no "I'm sorry." No, come back next week and it's on the house...nothing. So I storm out and go to the place across the street who doesn't do as good a job but at least they are cleaned up. Which is what I need right now..

So was I being sucky and taking it too far, or was this bad service? Please tell me. If I overreacted I will go back and apologize.

EDIT*** Ok I understand I was being on the bitchy side of things. Thanks guys!
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