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From Pizza Hut (the hell you say?)

First time I've had to post here in awhile.

I'm in the process of moving and wasn't really in the mood to do anything but pay someone else to bring food to me. So I called up the local Pizza Hut with a seemingly simple request: Medium single topping pan-style pizza with a side of breadsticks.

I was quoted a delivery time of about an hour. Expected, as it was a Friday night, I'm on a military installation and they're the only place in this town that delivers on base. The person on the phone varified the order and that I was cool with the wait time. Sure. It was only 1830 afterall. 1930 dinner would be right about normal. Hung up and went on about my business.

Well I got caught up in packing and whatnot right until the knock on my door. I glanced up and noticed it was in fact 2030. Double the wait time. Slightly irked but attributing it to the weather (it was snowing somewhat), I put on a pleasant little face and opened up.

No greeting or anything from the drivery guy. Just a bill in my face. I'm talking arm extended already, bill right there when I opened the door. Streamlined process perhaps, but come on. Really?

Anyway. I dish out the cash as he is producing the boxes but hesitate when I notice exactly what these boxes say on them...yeah know...things like Pizza Mia and Texas Toast...a far cry from a Medium pan-style and the elongated box of standard breadstick delivery.

We have a small exchanging of words...

Me: Um...thats not what I ordered.
Him: What do you mean?
Me: *was I speaking Greek?* I said thats not what I ordered, man. I asked for a Medium pan and breadsticks. Not a Mia with Toast.
Him: *glances at the boxes, me, the boxes, the reciept* Is your address Blahblahblahblahblah?
Me: *Yer standing here aren't cha?* Yeah, that'd be me.
Him: Then this is what you ordered.
Me: No it isn't.
Him: Hey man, I don't have time to argue with you. I got other deliveries to make. Either take it or don't.
Me: I'm not going to take it. Its not what I ordered. Its in fact LESS than I ordered and its over an hour late. Why would I take it?
Him: Fine *turns and leaves* wastin my gas money...
Me: .....

Um...are ya fuckin shittin me? Someone fucks up and you bring me the wrong shit, over an hour late, then act like I'm the asshole when I refuse items I didn't ask for? Bullfuckinshit.

My attempts to call back the local PH were met with either busy signals or endless stints on Hold. After about an hour of attempting to contact them, I just said 'Fuck It' and made other arrangements.

I have every intention of heading over there at the beginning of the week to at least give a complaint. Im not expecting anything to come of it and don't really care either way. Like I said, I'm moving so its a bit irrelevent. But I can't just let it go completely.

That being said...if you're ever in my area and have a craving for pizza, don't get it delivered from the local Pizza Hut.


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