laura (shinyobject) wrote in bad_service,

passport? what´s that??

Reminded of this story by this post:  (and yeah, I know how to a href it, but spanish keyboards are confusing)

So I´m on a Greyhound heading to Chicago, where cigarettes are like $7 a pack.  We stop at a place in Kentucky, where they´re more like $3.  I try to buy a carton, but had recently lost my driver´s license.   Had been carrying my passport around for situations just like this. 

me:  Hi, I´d like a carton of Camel Lights, please. 
attendant:  You have ID? 
me:  Sure, here.  -hands passport-
attendant:  what´s this?    -holds it like it´s covered in anthrax-
me:   -resists urge to point to the word ¨PASSPORT¨in no less than three languages on the front.-  It´s a passport.
attendant:  I don´t know if we can accept this.  Don´t you have a driver´s license? 
me:  I lost it, that´s why I´m carrying around my passport. 
attendant:  (in a tone like she´s caught me in a lie)  Then you´re driving without a license??!
me:  No, I´m taking the bus.  the Greyhound.  -points to parking lot-
attendant:  Well.  Ok, where´s the...
- I help her find the page with my terrible picture and all the info-
attendant:  This date isn´t good.  It says 2007, you have to be born in 1990 or earlier. 
me:  That´s the date it was issued.  Do I really look a year and a half old to you?

Ok, I can understand not having seen a passport before.  Even the idea that only driver´s licenses are kosher, if you only ever see driver´s licenses and in Kentucky everybody who´s not  destitute or disabled drives (and even some of them do, the public transport system in the South is so terrible), even though it´s a lot easier to fake a driver´s license than a passport.  But seriously, 2007 is my birthdate? 


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