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restaurant woes

Last week on my lunch break I went to eat in the restaurant. (I work at flying J in the Cstore and went to the restaurant part).

Ok, I understand that I normally do not eat but you should treat me the same you do as a regular customer. And besides, when I do not eat, I sit at an out of the way table where you do not see me anyway. This time I sat at the bar, without opening my book waiting for someone to acknowledge me. I waited about 5 minutes then I asked one of the waitresses passing me for a menu. I looked it over, decided what I wanted and put it down. Another 2 or 3 minutes go by and no one asks what i would like so I go hunt someone else down to tell them what I wanted to order. My food gets done and it sits there for a few minutes. I have to again ask a waitress walking by if they will hand me my food. They do but sighed before grabbing it. I have to get my own silver ware and I needed some more honey mustard so I went to the kitchen to get my own because who knows how long that would have taken to get someone to ask for something else.

I usually do not have that much trouble when I do eat there but if i were a regular customer I would have left and now i understand why so many people complain about the restaurant to us in the store.
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