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follow-up to snarky, neglectful waitress

A couple of days ago I posted a letter I wrote to the manager about my most WTF-worthy chain dining experience to date.

"First of all, I would like to apologize for the problems you had in our restaurant. I am dismayed to hear what took place and upset that our staff could be so insensitive to our guests needs. We work very hard to attract guests to our restaurant so they have a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. However, it seems on this occasion, our staff forgot about that. I can assure you that this is not how we treat our customers. We have strict guidelines regarding customer service. As well, the manager on duty should have been more aware of the happenings in the restaurant and made sure that our guests were being served appropriately.

"Secondly, I appreciate you taking the time to write us and make us aware of your experiences. My partner and I have worked very hard to build Sammy J. Peppers and with feedback like yours, we are able to rectify deficiencies in our restaurants and ensure their success. Your letter has been very informative and has told us that the policies and procedures that we have in place are not being followed. As well, your incident is a very good reminder that the people we hire and the customer service our employees give must be our number one priority on a day to day basis.

"I would like to send you some gift certificates so that you and your friends will hopefully give us another chance. I would really appreciate it if you would email your address. I am confident that you will not encounter anything but professional, efficient and friendly service as well as an excellent dining experience.

[President's name]"

I was about to e-mail him back saying, "Thank you for the offer, but it's enough to know that you've taken my complaint seriously," only I caught myself and wondered whether the friends who accompanied me wouldn't prefer to accept them. So I'm going to e-mail him back and say, "Thank you for the reply, here's the address, and my friends and I will be happy to come back sometime soon."
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